What is EdFest Quest?

EdFest Quest is a scavenger hunt game played online via public social media posts, a dedicated web portal and a display kiosk at Venue13.  The purpose of the project is to encourage players to engage deeply with the Edinburgh festivals in a fun and interesting way.  The project is not a commercial enterprise, it is free to all participants and no products or information is sold or shared with other organizations except via our public Twitter feed.

What information is collected by EdFest Quest?

We do not store any personal information during the course of the game.  Players are given Roster Numbers and Code Words anonymously while interacting with the kiosk.  No images, audio or video recordings are stored during interaction with the kiosk and a player’s character selections and current score are the only permanent records maintained by EdFest Quest.  Players cannot be personally identified by any combination of information stored at edfestquest.com. Links to public posts tagged as #EdFestQuest on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are temporarily stored in a private Google cloud document only until they can be reviewed for inappropriate content.

What information is processed by EdFest Quest?

Public posts to #EdFestQuest on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook areprocessed manually by members of the REKdTech team and algorithmically by online services and web-based data processing scripts. It is essential to game play that EdFest Quest process public social media posts tagged with #EdFestQuest on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.Posts are automatically fed to the game’s scoring algorithms by Zapier and then analyzed by REKdTech scripts.  Links to scoring posts are tweeted with a congratulatory message to the scoring player by the @edfestquest Twitter account after the posts are manually reviewed and determined to be free of offensive or inappropriate content.

Who to contact with questions and concerns:

EdFest Quest is created and maintained by REKdTech for exhibition at Venue13 during the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.   Questions and concerns should be emailed to edfestquest{at}gmail.com. Kindly allow two (2) days for a reply.

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