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People walking the streets of Edinburgh

EdFest Quest was developed in response to a desire to connect artists, patrons, and locals in more meaningful ways and to highlight the benefits, challenges, and fun of the world’s largest art festival.  The annual journey to Edinburgh for August has become something of a pilgrimage for me, a chance to spend a few weeks fully immersed in the experience, exploration and appreciation of live performance in all its forms and in the full range of artistic expression, from student theatre and free stand up comedy at the The Fringe, to the pinnacle of international artistry and craft showcased at the “proper festival”.

Street performers

Conversations with other students, visitors and performers have revealed the challenge of engaging deeply with the art on offer during the month.  The dozens of festivals and thousands of performances on offer are truly bewildering and utterly overwhelming for many visitors and participants. Investigating how the locals manage their own festival experiences and discussions around the disruption to daily life caused by the influx of nearly 2 million visitors, have to lead to a sincere wish to foster additional and deeper connections between these communities.


The Edinburgh festivals are a treasure for performance artists of all sorts and a huge boon to the local economy as well as a massive challenge at every level.  This project endeavours to foster communication and connection between artists, audiences, workers and locals to ensure that the festivals remain valued, appreciated and enjoyed by all.

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