EdFest Quest at EdFringe 2018

How to play

Joining the Quest is easy and fun, all you need is a mobile device and a public social media account (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook). So pop on over to Venue 13 and have a chat with the Oracle. She might sound a little funny, but that's par for the course at the Fringe! After a few minutes she'll give you your own unique Roster Number and Code Word.

Game Portal

Scoring points:

Your quests will be displayed one at a time on the game portal which you can access through our website http://quest.edfestquest.com where you will input your Roster Number and Code Word. You can then choose to complete the task or skip it and attempt the next task.

  • By completing a quest and confirming this with the Oracle at Venue 13
  • By completing a quest and documenting it on your social media by hashtagging #EdFestQuest and your roster number like so: #*yourrosternumber
  • If your friends support you by retweeting your completed quests you will earn BONUS points
  • By skipping a quest you still earn minimal points, but you'll earn more points for completing the tasks.

Bonus Points

The game is primarily played via the user's individualized task list, but periodically an open invitation to earn bonus points was introduced via the website.

A special opportunity for #EdFestQuest BONUS POINTS

A word about privacy

Privacy Policy for EdFestQuest 2018

Join us for round 2.0

Our programming team is gearing up for version 2.0 and we'll be back at Venue 13 this August for another round of #EdFestQest