Lab Policies

FTP Client Software

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client Software is used to transfer files between a local client

(your desktop or laptop computer at home) and a remote server.


Cyberduck is a free open source FTP client software for the Mac and Windows.


See How to connect to the DM server from a remote computer for more information on how to use FTP client software to upload your files to the DM server.


HTML Editors

Komodo Edit is the free version of BBEdit. It is text-based HTML editing software for both Mac and Windows.


Click here to download Komodo Edit for Mac


Digital Media Lab Accounts

All students officially enrolled in a Digital Media (DM) course receive an account on the server (


Account Details

Default login information for all DM accounts is as follows:

Username: First part of the student’s York U email address
Password: Student number

A student with a York U email address of and with the student number 201234567

would log onto the DM server using the following information:

Username: astudent
Password: 201234567

DM accounts for DM majors are maintained for the duration of their academic career, however,

DM accounts for non-majors are deleted shortly after the conclusion of the course.

While there are is no limit on disk space for each account, we do ask that students keep their usage of their

DM server space at a reasonable level (between 1-3 GB). Students who use excessive amounts of

server space will be asked to clear off some files.


Account Structure

Accounts on the DM server for DM majors are allocated evenly across 10 volumes, each represented by

the last digit of their student number. Accounts for non-DM majors can be found on the


Each account on the DM server has a “Home” folder which shares the same name as the username.

Within that “Home” folder are the following sub-folders:

“Desktop” “Documents” “Library” “Public” “Sites”


The “Documents” is a folder for any range of documents a student may wish to save.

Files and subfolders in the “Public” folder are publicly accessible by computers which are connected

to the same network.

Files and subfolders in the “Sites” folder are publicly accessible via the DM webserver. The URL to the

sites folder is as follows:

(where 'username' is the student's username in the DM Lab)

Lab Policies