Transmedia Lab ( ACW103 )

The Digital Media Transmedia Lab is located in Accolade West 103. It is a multipurpose class room, performance space, workshop and art studio which services a variety of courses in the Digital Media BA Program. This program is offered jointly by the School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design and the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University.

Transmedia Projection System + Surround Sound

The Transmedia Lab has a 2 screen projection system and 9 channel audio system. In order to use these systems, students must arrange with the Digital Media Technician or Lab Monitors.

A Max 7 patch can be downloaded as a template for outputting video/3D environments to the 4 channel projection screens. Download 4 Channel Video projection patch here.

A Max 7 patch can be downloaded as a template for outputting audio to the 9 channel surround sound system, also includes a 5 channel patch. Download 9 Channel Surround Sound patches here.

A guide for configuring the surround sound system is here: Setup Guide X-32 Mixing Board – ACW103.

Transmedia Lab Hours

The Transmedia Lab is used as both a classroom and a studio. During scheduled class time, the room in unavailable for student use. However, during open hours, valid ATLL cardholders may use the room to work on their projects. In order to gain access to the Transmedia Lab during open hours, students must speak with the DM Technician or Lab Monitor. Please consult the full Transmedia Lab schedule above for class times and open hours. This schedule is also posted outside of 103 Accolade West.

Booking the Transmedia Lab

The Transmedia Lab may be booked during open hours for performances, screenings, classes or other activities. If you wish to book the Transmedia Lab, you must obtain written permission from the Digital Media Coordinator. Once you have obtained written permission to book the Transmedia Lab, please contact the DM Technician to finalize the booking. Please consult the schedule above for available times.

Working in the Transmedia Lab

Students working the Transmedia Lab should keep in mind that the room is a shared space. As such, those working in the Transmedia Lab should be familiar with the Transmedia Lab Maintenance & Use policy, which requires them to maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment for all those that use it. Students found in violation of the Transmedia Lab Maintenance & Use policy will lose access to the Transmedia Lab.

Click here to view the Transmedia Lab Maintenance & Use policy.

Transmedia Lab Facilities & Equipment

The Transmedia Lab comes equipped with 25 MacBook Pro laptops for use by DM classes which are conducted in the project room. In addition to the laptops, the Transmedia Lab contains a 22′ x 26′ studio lighting grid system and a full compliment of limbo curtains that may be used to enclose the entire stage area of the room.

There are also a wide range of tools and equipment that may be used by students while working in the Transmedia Lab.

Stage & Lighting
  • Strand 200 Lighting control board
  • 6″ Fresnel stage lights (x11)
  • Ellipsoidal zoom spotlight (x16)
  • DDS dimmer pack
  • 3′ x 8′ x 8″ stage risers (x12)
    • 9-channel Ambisonic Speaker System
    • Alesis X2 Mixing Console

    • Alesis RA-100 amplifier (x2)

  • DeWalt 18V compact drill/driver
  • 191 piece hand tool set
  • 10 ft. wooden work bench (x2)
  • Rigid 12-gal. wet/dry vacuum
Physical Computing
  • Soldering Kit (x2)
  • Digital Multimeter